Standard Edition opens up custom-garment production in a new way. A holistic service that aims to streamline and remove the complicated and technical questions from the customization process toward maximum physical and aesthetic quality. If design is an act of communication, Standard Edition is a new type of language—an ordered system to help creators channel possibility into reality, and form experiential connections with their audiences.

Standard Edition gives creators unique access to design and production processes, inviting more deliberate/meaningful participation. By insourcing the means of production, Standard Edition “clos[es] the feedback loop between manufacturing and vision, marrying the two rather than putting them in competition, enabl[ing] a product that is informed by process, and a process informed by its product.”[1]. The consequence is a more direct channel between creator and audience via products enhanced by intention—artifacts at once new and enduring. Inducing meaning while reducing time, error, aggravation—cost.

In practice, Standard Edition is a forum for examining creators—a heterogeneous community related by a fundamental interest in meaning.


Standard Edition facilitates open and effective collaboration. Our templates allow for you to easily share designs, and iterations with your team and ours toward a refined and redefined vision. Transparent communication from conception to production is an integral part of the Standard Edition offering.